Certified in the last spring by the organizers of the COP22, the RCM – Réseau Innovations Agro-Systèmes Méditerranéens –  organized an event outside the international conference on the climate which is kept from 7 till 18 November 2016 in Marrakesh.

This event, entitled ” Mitigation of the Climate change and Sustainable Food security with the Conservation Agriculture in Africa and in the Mediterranean Region “, took place in the Green Zone* of the COP22 on November 7th. It was organized in association with three other international networks worried by the degradation of the agricultural grounds and the impact of the climate change on the activities and the income of the farmers:

Reports and recommendations stemming from this intervention were communicated to the Scientific Committee of the COP22.

Co-organised with the IAV Hassan II (Rabat) and Fert, this event was a unique opportunity for the RCM to improve its visibility on an international scale.

Within the framework of the empowerment of the network towards Fert, the new Steering committee of the RCM – representing 1700 farmers grouped in 20 OP distributed on 7 countries – and chaired by Salah Lamouchi de l’ Apad-Tunisie, met in Marrakesh at the beginning of November and laid the foundations for an action plan for 2017 of which, in particular, the implementation of a testing program and exchanges with Arvalis Institut du Végétal on the theme of the direct sowing under permanent plant place setting.

The realization of new partnerships and the search for financing to develop actions through producers’ organizations of the network and support the exchanges in the Mediterranean level are also objectives of the RCM for 2017.

*the official space dedicated to the civil society during the COP22