Main partners

Pissila, Dablo and Pensa cowpea producers’ unions, Ziga, Namanegbzanga Women’s Provincial Union for the Promotion of the Niébé sector, Regional union of cowpea producers of the Centre, Agricultural cooperative of the Passoré.

Accir (Association champenoise de coopération interrégionale), Aprossa Afrique Verte, APME.2A, Cetrapa

European Union, AFD, Monegasque cooperation, Fondation de France/CFSI, Fondation L’Occitane, Gret, NTec, Unifa

Geographic location

Sanmatenga Province, departments of Pissila, Dablo and Pensa


Fert and Accir support family farming, both for its contribution to the food security of local populations and for the socio-economic development it enables. The action implemented since 2007 aims to improve, in quantity and quality, the main agricultural products while making agricultural activity more sustainable and less vulnerable to external factors (agro-climatic conditions, pest pressure, soil degradation).

The action revolves around 3 areas: the development of economic functions: supply of inputs, access to credit, storage, marketing; training and technical and economic advice to producers; associative animation and professional structuring Initially centred on the cowpea sector, the action has gradually expanded to include three other crops (sorghum, millet, groundnuts) and includes a “soil conservation” and agro-ecological component. Since the end of 2015, the action has fostered links and openness to other cowpea producers’ organizations, resulting in the formalization of 4 new partnerships in 2016.