Rustavi is one of the villages of Southeast Georgia where Fert intervenes for 3 years in the Caucasus Milk Program. In this village, the actions specified by the farmers were initially focused on the supply, management of buildings, watering in the barn or the quality of the silage.

But the most important constraint was the absence of water in summer pastures from April till October (plots located 2 or 3 km from the village) ; during this period, 350 dairy cows and their young (nearly 800 animals in total) had access to the water only in the morning before leaving and in the evening on the way back.

There was well a source in 8 km but the equipment was missing to forward the water.
A work of study and reflection was led by Fert and his Georgian partner, GBDC, with 50 families of the village.

After many days of work provided by farmers and with the financial help of the NGO Mercy Corps and Fert, two water points were opened on March 22nd, 2014 and two others will soon be realized.

Beyond this achievement, it is a new state of mind which has been reinforced in Rustavi.
This action once again demonstrates that in agriculture, the organization of producers is an essential element to address some problematic situations.