The Ivorian association responsible for the Centre de Formation Agricole et Rurale des Savanes (CFAR) was born on February 21, 2024 in Niofoin. Some fifty people, mostly farmers, gathered at a constituent general meeting and unanimously adopted the association’s articles of association, “Tefalidjanwe”, a Senoufo term that translates as “the good farmer”.

Initiated during a Cneap mission, the birth of this association represents an important step in the institutionalization of the scheme. Succeeding the peasant management committee set up when the CFAR was created in 2019, the Tefalidjanwe association now embodies the establishment and will gradually assume its legal, moral and financial responsibilities.

This association brings together professional agricultural leaders from the district, former students, parents, local authorities, the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and Fert. Governance is tightly centered on farmers.