Awareness raising international solidarity (EADR-SI), 2015 began with two important events : indeed, the winners of the award to EADR-SI projects and the competition ‘for you and family farming what does that mean?’ were selected by two juries at the end of January. These two initiatives were launched from July the 1st to December the 31th, 2014 to all private agricultural institutions members of CNEAP network.


  • Grant programme for community projects

11 projects were selected for a total grant of € 24,570, and will be held in 9 French regions. The initiatives are characterized by great diversity: pre-departure and return of nights as part of mobility in Morocco, Benin or in Croatia; regional events and between institutions during the Week of International Solidarity; art project combining theater and human rights, or micro-credit and fair trade.

  • Contest

The contributions of two youth groups stood out and impressed the jury :

  • In the ‘Images’ category, Quentin Lambert, Dubreucq Quentin Thomas Broquet, and Valentin Valentin Vanhoove Vandewalle, Terminale Bac Pro CGEA Lycée Sainte Marie, 62120 Aire sur la Lys;

To promote the expression of rural youth on these issues, a new call for projects and new initiatives will be published shortly in the network of the CNEAP’s institutions.

Congratulations to all! To follow the news of all these actions, visit the network website EADR-SI.