The school year 2015-2016 ends for many students in agricultural colleges. The opportunity to revisit the highlights that have marked this year for the Education Network for rural development and international solidarity (EADR-SI)!


This year began with a bang the first meeting of the year network from 23 to 25 September 2015. A meeting marked by welcoming six new regional correspondents network and a time to work together with the Ticeur network Cneap for organizing the contest Koad’9 on climate change.


The month began with the selection of ten new projects, co-financed by the EADR-SI stock market:


Three significant events took place:


The year 2016 began with the launch of the interactive map, which will be enriched as and contributions, and that identifies the projects of international cooperation and contacts in the region! The EADR-SI network has meanwhile met again in March 2016; a meeting marked by a common time with Red on living together.

APRIL 2016

A call to EADR-SI project contributions collection was launched, which ended May 31, 2016. The submitted projects will allow to achieve a collection of international cooperation experiences in institutions of Cneap, which will complement the EADR SI-existing guide (which you apparently much appreciated!).

MAY 2016

Finally, the 2015-2016 school year ended on Cneap Congress, during which cooperation between EADR-SI and Ticeur networks was being honored, and winners of the contest rewarded Koad’9.

Not to mention the many actions that took place in institutions of Cneap mobilizing students, teaching staff and administrative staff: the meeting of Youth Networks Africa Asia at the Institute Jean Errecart in January 2016, the North-South Week of Institute Holy Joseph, Burkinabe students greeted at Quessoy, the theatrical exits of the young people of Massabielle, the return of mobility of the Breton high school students… An immense blow of hat in all for your commitment without defect!