On Wednesday, September the 9th, Fert, in partnership with Arvalis and ECFM France, in Paris organized a breakfast debate on the theme “Increasing agricultural production and natural resource conservation: alternative or complementary ? The Mediterranean area power “. Relive the most of this morning Video

Pascal Bergeret, Director of CIHEAM – IAM Montpellier, introduced the debate

Aziz Zine El Abidine, Salah Lamouchi and Daniel Bremond – farmers respectively in Morocco, Tunisia and France – were able to share concrete experiences of farmers.

Bernard Guidez,Board member of Fert, hosted this morning.

Exposed framing


What practices have you developed on your farm, what was your path?

How to support change practices to preserve natural resources?

Which cooperation considered (south-south / north-south / north) and with what results?