In the midst of strategic reflection on the development of services to its members, the union of dairy cooperatives Rova has particularly questioned its commercial strategy in order to be faithful to the needs expressed.

Reflecting on marketing issues, in a highly competitive dairy industry, Rova members thought of setting up a marketing point and in May, the first Antsirabe Milk Bar was born!

A unifying project for the Rova cooperative union

On the occasion of the celebration of its 30th anniversary in Antsirabe on 24 May 2017, Rova inaugurated the first “Milk Bar” built within its headquarters. It was inaugurated by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry before representatives of the different actors of the milk sector, as well as a majority of breeders members of the union. The presence of former retired chairmen, directors and founders of Rova has also been noted, as well as that of technical and financial partners.

This new marketing tool has been considered in order to develop local dairy products and to adopt a differentiation strategy in a highly competitive market. The producers intend to create a privileged relationship with their consumers by offering them quality and original products.

A drinking debut like no other

In a spacious and pleasant setting, offering a wooded and enclosed space and distinguishing itself from the usual small wooden bungalows, the Rova Milk Bar offers a local point of sale to all consumers and dairy artisans. Raw milk sold at retail or wholesale, yogurts and cheeses for family consumption or for processors, the Milk Bar offers a range of dairy products to enjoy: homemade yogurts, natural or with natural fruits, cheeses, cream Fresh, handmade butter, hot or cold milk beverages, etc. Schoolchildren and students, workers returning home to eat, families or passers-by, friends on the go, sportspeople returning from their training, everyone can find something to eat and can consume milk in all its forms, from 200 MGA.

This Rova Milk Bar project has several objectives:

  • It seeks, in the first place, to strengthen the confidence of its member breeders by developing a marketing service for milk,
    It contributes to the increase in milk consumption in the Malagasy population,
  • It contributes to the reputation of Rova’s activities and the context of dairy production. Rova even aspires to create a dairy tourism circuit to show where and how milk is produced, and how it is processed;
  • It is also a matter of showing how the breeders live. The milk bar would become a stop on a tourist circuit and a visiting place for schoolchildren. In other words, it would be an emblematic figure of the dairy heritage of the Vakinankaratra region,
  • It must become a place of relaxation for families: with its capacity of reception of more than 50 people, its chalet and its small garden with view on the national 7, the Milk Bar is open on weekends and holidays . In addition to dairy products, the bar offers an ideal setting for reading, chatting with friends or family, and a wi-fi area is also available for guests.

For the member breeders, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the union of cooperatives gave new life to the communication of Rova; A new insurance which reinforces the various services recently developed by the Union. A renewed vitality, of which the Milk Bar of Antsirabe will soon be, hopefully, a symbol.

“The word milk bar is very original because the word” bar “always refers to alcoholic beverages, but with milk it never existed! It’s funny to see people drinking with milk glasses or jars of yogurts … This project is very interesting in that it offers the population quality and controlled consumption and contributes to the improvement Nutritious Malagasy.” A customer on the day of the inauguration

“I am very proud of Rova in the realization of this project. This is an original activity on the part of Rova, which marks its participation in the development of the sector, especially if it serves the breeders.” The President of the Malagasy Dairy Board (MDB)