On February 20th and 21st, 2014 in the Mediterranean Villa of Marseille, the first Meetings of the Arbomed network, led by Fert and Areflh, brought together about sixty participants from 7 countries: Albania, Algeria, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and Tunisia. 


Producers’ network of fruits and vegetables in the Mediterranean, this space of exchanges was able to develop these last two years of the lines of thought and concerted actions.

During these meetings, the members of the network were able to validate and refine the themes identified during the preparatory exchanges but also record the birth of the network, to specify the priorities and to define the first stages of an action plan:


  • Objective 1: Identify the best technical and economic compromise for controlling the pilot irrigation
  • Objective 2: To assess the production potential of the different productive areas (volumes and periods) and, secondly, better understand the market demand
  • Objective 3: Strengthen the role of POs in the management of natural resources, economic development functions and sustainability factors

To conclude, “The commitment of Marseille” was signed by a representative of each of seven country delegations.