To support the agricultural advisory services of its partner farmers’ organisations, Fert has developed an advisory pack composed of method sheets and simple and concrete tools for agricultural advisors.

For 20 years, Fert has been helping its partner FOs to set up agricultural advisory services, an essential service to support farmers towards an improvement in their production and livelihood conditions. Whether on aspects of production, marketing of agricultural products or farm management, agricultural advisors help producers in their decision-making. They can follow them at an individual level but also at a collective level, within organisations, enabling them to exchange and find solutions to common problems.

“The agricultural advisor does not provide a solution but supports farmers in a collective approach to progress”.

“In the advisory pack, we will find simple, easy to use and also complete tools, so it is something that can be valorized during the coaching of the farmers. »


The profession of agricultural advisor requires training about methods and practices of advisory services. Fert contributes to the development of these training courses, but to go further, it has recently developed a advisory pack, compiling advisory methods and tools.

This advisory pack is the result of a capitalization process on agricultural advisory services that began in the spring of 2020. Exchanges, in the form of webinars, had been organised between agricultural advisors from different partner farmers’ organisations in different countries. These exchanges between novice and experienced advisors were very enriching and have allowed them to share their experiences and methods.

The advisory pack contains method sheets, tools, training courses and personal experiences. Through 6 themes, it presents methods that can be adopted by field advisors, such as the management of demonstration plots or the implementation of a system of relay farmers.

The aim is to contribute to the lifelong training of agricultural advisors. This advice pack will enable young agricultural advisors to have access to concrete tools and experienced advisors to draw inspiration from or update their own practices. And as agriculture is constantly evolving, this pack will evolve over time to adapt to the needs of advisors and farmers.