On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day, March 8, 2021, the agricultural vocational colleges Fekama – federation of agricultural vocational colleges of Madagascar – organized animations and agricultural training

In Madagascar, this 8th of March was the day of women’s rights but also the day of the schools, the occasion for the students of the agricultural vocational colleges Fekama to organize several events.

In the Haute Matsiatra region, girls from the Ambalavao agricultural college organized a day of training on animal health for women in the village.

This training was very useful because the women mainly raise chickens but have limited access to agricultural advisory services and animal health training.

The 40 women who participated were very interested. They were introduced to good animal health practices and learned how to recognize different chicken diseases. The day ended with a chicken vaccination campaign. No less than 250 chickens were vaccinated against avian cholera thanks to the vaccines provided by the college.

In the Amoron’i Mania region, students from the Ambondromisotra secondary school have joined with another school for a tree planting campaign. 300 eucalyptus and acacia trees were planted. The day ended with a convivial meal prepared, this time, only by the boys of the school.